Two Pugs

The Pug – From Chinese Emperors to Best In Show

Over the ages, the Pug has been called by many names – Lo-Chiang-Sze, the Lion Dog, Foo, and others.

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Yorkshire Terrier with Open Mouth

Is A Dog’s Mouth Really Cleaner Than A Human’s?

Have you ever had your face washed by a happy dog, and told yourself that it’s ok, because his mouth is cleaner than a human’s? You’ve believed that for, like, dog years, but is it really true?

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Dog Chewing Rawhide Bone

Are Rawhide Chews Safe For Your Dog?

Have you heard that it might be dangerous to let your dog chew on rawhide bones and sticks, and wondered if it might be true?

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Jordan the Dog

River Rescue – Saving Jordan the Dog

After receiving a call from L.A. On Cloud 9, the people from Hope for Paws set out to rescue this horribly abused little dog that they named Jordan.

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Policeman Frisks Biker Dog

The biker dog gang is in town, and they’ve been up to no good. The fire hydrants are not safe, and neither are your girl-dogs.

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Erick and his dog Gumbo

Service Dog Helps Soldier With PTSD

Erick Scott knows first-hand what it’s like to suffer from PTSD. Watch how his service dog, Gumbo, reacts when he becomes agitated.

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Old Sarge’s Last Ride

Our relationships with our four-legged furry ones, whether we call them animals, pets, or family, are so very special.

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A Puppy In A Box

The reactions of these two kids, when they notice the puppy in the box, is just precious!

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Three Fat Puppies

Fat Belly Puppies

These three little fat-belly puppies are just about as cute as they come!

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Tucker and Leelu

Leelu – From Puppy Mill to Foster Care to Loving Home

A sweet story about “Leelu”, who lived a harsh life as a breeder in a puppy mill, but ended up in a loving home.

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Chicken Lookin' Good Pups

Finger Lickin’ Cute

These guys are about as cute as they come. And you know mamma had a heck of a time at feedings, as many of them as there are.

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The Guilty Dog

Will The Guilty Party Please Stand Up?

These pups don’t hesitate to throw their mate under the bus!

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Peanut the Chorkie


A sweet tale of being a shelter dog and getting adopted, from the dog’s point of view.

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Socializing A Special Needs Dog

The ad’s caption read, “Special Needs Dog Looking for a Home”. The face in that picture cried out to me.

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Pup with perfect pitch

Look Out Liberace! This Pup is Amazing!

This is amazing! I’m trying to figure out how signals are being given to the dog, but I don’t think they are. Very cute when he reaches for the flat/sharp keys!

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