Dog Care

Two Dogs Feeling Happy

Does Your Dog Experience Feelings and Emotions?

For millennia, people have pondered the question of whether dogs have feelings and emotions. The answer seems to be a definite yes, as most dog owners will agree.

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Girl with New Puppy

Protecting Your Puppy from Danger In And Around The Home

Are you bringing home a new puppy? You’ll want to prevent your pup from gaining access to any unsafe area the same way you wouldn’t let your own child do so. So what can you do to protect them?

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An Older Dog

Loving And Caring For An Older Dog

How can you help your precious friend with aging? Here are some of the issues you may face, and what you can do about them.

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Happy Healthy Dog

4 Ways To A Happy and Well-Balanced Dog

Dogs, just like children, need guidance, discipline and rewards to make them well-behaved and balanced. Here are 4 tips that you can use to keep your dog well-trained and happy at the same time.

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Giving a Dog Massage

How To Give Your Dog a Massage

Dog love close contact, and respond powerfully to touch, but if a dog massage is something you’ve never thought of doing, then here are some tips on where to begin.

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Anxious Dog

Soothing Your Dog’s Fears

When your dog starts to pant, you’ll know he is anxious and feeling fear. Here are a few things that might stress your dog, what you can do about them.

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Cleaning Dog's Ears

Keeping Your Dog’s Ears Clean

Cleaning your dog’s ears regularly will make them less likely to have dirt, debris, germs, infections and other issues.

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A Dog's Matted Fur

How to Get Rid of and Prevent Matting Fur

Most long-haired dogs will get mats in their fur at some point. Mats aren’t particularly harmful to your dog, but can cause discomfort and a few problems.

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Clipping Dog's Nails

What’s the Best Way to File Your Dog’s Nails?

A major aspect of grooming your dogs is keeping their nails at an appropriate length. Here are some tips on how to do that.

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Golden Retriever Pups

5 Things To Remember While Caring For Your New Puppy

If you are a first-time puppy parent, here are a few tips you need to keep in mind, while caring for your new bundle of joy.

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Old Dog's Request

An Old Dog’s Request

Yes, I am loyal to you to the very end, please be as loyal to me. Love me until the very end for I am a gift. With each wag of my tail, I say thank you.

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Doggy Daycare

5 Ways To Ensure Your Dog Is Safe While At Doggy Daycare

Going on a trip without your dog and worried about how they’ll do at doggy daycare? This article tells you a few things you can do beforehand so they’re safe.

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Doggy Door

Why Dog Owners Need a Dog Door

There are numerous reasons you might want to introduce a doggy door to your pet-inhabited home, but here are the top four.

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Kids and Dogs

How To Train Your Kids To Behave Around Dogs

This article helps parents teach their children the proper way to behave around pets and dogs in particular.

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Car safety for dogs

How To Keep Your Pets Safe In The Car

Pets are at as great of risk for injury in an accident as humans, so properly restraining them in a car equipped to handle pets is imperative to their safety.

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