Dog Nutrition

Puppies Eating

Feeding Your Dog: How, What, When, Where, & What Not To Feed Them

There are certain foods that dogs can and can’t eat. Plus, there are ways to feed them that you should know about.

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Dog on a Diet

Does Your Dog Need To Be Put On A Diet?

When you notice that your dog has put on weight, you need to take steps to get that weight off. It will help your dog feel better and live longer if he maintains a healthy body weight.

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Vegan Diet for Dogs

A Vegan Diet for Your Dog?

Most of us see dogs as carnivorous, and the idea that a dog may survive and actually thrive eating a vegan diet seems like a silly notion.

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Dog Eats Poop

What to Do If Your Dog Keeps Eating Poop

In general, it’s good to bear in mind that dogs are dogs, and are not inclined to the same habits that we are as humans.

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Dogs that do work

Nurturing Our Working And Sporting Dogs – High Performance Food For High Performance Dogs

Working dogs have quite different nutritional demands, not least because they need higher calorific intakes than domestic dogs.

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Raw food diet for dogs

Raw Feeding: the Good, the Bad and the Stinky

What is raw feeding? It’s not as simple as it sounds! I am a big advocate of raw, but I get new patients almost every day with issues CAUSED by feeding raw the wrong way.

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Dogs Immune System

Boosting Your Dog’s Immune System

More dog health issues than you can imagine are linked to immune deficiencies. In this article I’m going to explain HOW to boost your dog’s immune system (IS).

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Homemade Pumpkin Dog Treats

A SkyTreats Classic – Pumpkin Dog Treats!

With homemade dog treats made from scratch, you can guarantee your pet is getting all the flavor they love and the real nutritional value of the ingredients!

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