Guinness, My Vizsla Dog

Emil and Guinness the Vizsla

My male Vizsla dog is Guinness, he is very loyal, energetic, happy, and has no odor. We’ve had him since he was a tiny puppy (2 month old) and now he is a grown and muscular 3 years old canine. He weighs about 60 pounds and has a beautiful golden-rust color, he almost doesn’t shed.

He is very handsome and it’s not unusual to hear great flattery while walking him around the neighborhood or playing with him in the park. Guinness is great with kids and overall he is definitely a family-oriented breed. He is super friendly, so he is not such a guard dog, but when a stranger or a delivery man enters the house he immediately jumps from his spot to “socialize” :). This, I have to say, sometimes scares people because of his agility and size, he barely barks though.

Guinness is a very smart hunting dog and succeeded to learn all the basic commands very fast. He listens very well. It is silly, but he follows us around the house all the time, it can be a fuss sometimes. Another thing is his obsession with licking, he likes to lick like a cat and makes lots of noise while doing that. He can do it all day long (and night). So do not plan to sleep with him in the same room, unless you really want to wake up to a licking sound!

Take into account that Vizsla breed requires A LOT of intense and massive exercise. If you are considering having a Vizsla, start getting into shape. All in all, I love this dog!


Guiness the Vizsla

The Vizsla

The Vizsla is a medium-sized, lean muscular dog, originally from Hungary. They look quite a bit like a Weimaraner, but leaner. They are often confused with Weimaraners and other breeds, including Redbone Coonhounds and Rhodesian Ridgebacks. One way to tell if it is a Vizsla is by their coloring. A Vizsla has a golden-rust or copper-colored coat and they will also have a reddish nose that blends with the color of the coat, plus similar eye and nail color. If the nose is black or pink, it’s not a Vizsla!

Vizsla’s have a short, smooth, dense coat, but do not have an undercoat. For this reason, they should not be kept outdoors. They are self-cleaning, and as Emil mentioned, have very little “dog smell”.

They are great hunting dogs, excellent at both pointing and retrieving, as long as they are trained gently. They are also excellent swimmers.

Guiness the Vizsla dog

Vizslas like lots of attention and need lots of exercise. They are intelligent, gentle, lively souls that are good with kids, and like to stick close to their owners. They are protective of their people, and can be trained to be good guard dogs. However, they seldom bark, unless provoked or if a stranger is invading their space.

The Wire-haired Vizsla

The wire-haired Vizsla is a result of interbreeding between the Vizsla and the German Wirehaired Pointer. This was done to produce a dog with a larger frame and a heavier coat. The wire-haired Vizsla is considered a separate breed.

As more people have become aware of the Vizsla, it’s popularity has grown. As both an excellent hunter, and an excellent family dog, we can see why!

Hungarian Vizslas

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