Dog Fun

Smart Dog at Computer

Help Wanted

A local business was looking for office help. They put a sign in the window saying: “HELP WANTED. A short time afterwards, a dog trotted up to the window, saw the sign and went inside.

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A Dog's Prayer

A Dog’s Bedtime Prayer

A cute and sweet bedtime prayer, from a dog about his humans. For everyone who sleeps with their dog.

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Dogs Like Peanut Butter

All Dogs Love Peanut Butter

This is Addie Cakes. And this is what happens when you eat peanut butter and then go take a nap.

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Bulldog Puppy in the Rain

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Watch as this adorable Bulldog puppy experiences rain for the first time.

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No Chew

I Guess This Puppy Couldn’t Read

This product’s description says the “clear, non-staining formula smells pleasant but tastes bitter to discourage chewing. Uh huh.

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Baby and Puppy

10 Cute Photos of Babies Growing Up with Dogs

We looked around the internet for some cute little love stories between dogs and the youngest member of the family. What we found will truly enlighten your mood!

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Dogs Christmas Caroling

A Doggie Christmas Carol – Marking Up My Wiener Wonderland

A doggie Christmas carol – ♪ Dog tags ring, are you listenin’? ♪ In the lane, snow is glistenin’ ♪ It’s yellow, not white, ♪ l’ve been there tonight, ♪ Marking up my wiener wonderland.

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Policeman Frisks Biker Dog

The biker dog gang is in town, and they’ve been up to no good. The fire hydrants are not safe, and neither are your girl-dogs.

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A Puppy In A Box

The reactions of these two kids, when they notice the puppy in the box, is just precious!

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Three Fat Puppies

Fat Belly Puppies

These three little fat-belly puppies are just about as cute as they come!

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Chicken Lookin' Good Pups

Finger Lickin’ Cute

These guys are about as cute as they come. And you know mamma had a heck of a time at feedings, as many of them as there are.

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The Guilty Dog

Will The Guilty Party Please Stand Up?

Do dogs feel guilt? These pups don’t hesitate to throw their mate under the bus!

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Pup with perfect pitch

Look Out Liberace! This Pup is Amazing!

This is amazing! I’m trying to figure out how signals are being given to the dog, but I don’t think they are. Very cute when he reaches for the flat/sharp keys!

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Underwater Dogs

Underwater Dogs

In “Underwater Dogs,” Seth Casteel gives playful and energetic testament to the rough-and-tumble joy that our dogs bring into our lives.

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Cats can be mean to dogs

5 Mean Things Cats Do To Dogs

Many believe that dogs are mean to cats but the truth is quite the contrary. Cats can be just as cruel if not more so than the canine.

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