Rescue and Adoption

A White Dog at the Animal Shelter

Why Shelter Dogs Make the Best Pets

Looking for the most delightful and affectionate companion? Experience the unmatched bond and loyalty that shelter dogs offer, making them the ultimate choice for the perfect pet.

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Family looking at dogs in shelter

Tail-Wagging Transformations: The Impact of Rescue on a Dog’s Life

Rescuing an dog from a shelter can be one of the most rewarding experiences for both dog and owner. It’s an experience filled with hope, joy, and new beginnings.

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Grace Campos and Family

Family Adopts Dog With Same Rare Condition As Their Toddler

The parents of baby Grace Campos, who was born with a form of ectrodactyly, have adopted an eight-year-old Chihuahua, who suffers from the same syndrome.

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Red Boxes in Puppy Mill

Another Reason to Adopt, Don’t Shop!

Do you know what the red box on the front of each cage in this puppy mill is for? And what it means for these dogs?

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Andy the Greyhound

Andy’s Story – Rescued from the China Meat Market

Born in China and sent to the butcher’s shop to be killed and eaten, Andy is given a second chance at life.

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Black Lab

A New Home For “Reggie”

They told me the big black Lab’s name was Reggie, as I looked at him lying in his pen. The shelter was clean, no-kill, and the people really friendly.

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Police Rescue Husky Dog

Police Rescue, Fall in Love, and Adopt Husky Tied to Fence

Two police officers in Lawrence, Indiana responded to a call about a dog that seemed to be caught in a fence. Upon checking, they determined that the dog had been tied up and abandoned.

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Puppy Mill Pets

California Bans the Sale of Puppy Mill Pets In Petstores

Wonderful news! California has banned pet stores from selling pet mill animals. As of January 2019, they can only sell rescue animals. This is a huge win for helping to rid the state of puppy mills.

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New Family Dog

Choosing the Right Dog for your Family

It’s no wonder that families love adding a dog to their household. However, there are many things to consider before getting a dog for your home.

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Jordan the Dog

River Rescue – Saving Jordan the Dog

After receiving a call from L.A. On Cloud 9, the people from Hope for Paws set out to rescue this horribly abused little dog that they named Jordan.

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Stray Dog

Extreme Makeover: A Before-and-After You Won’t Believe

This poor little guy was found on the streets by the Quebec Society for the Protection of Animals. Barely recognizable as a dog, he was originally thought to be a pile of trash.

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Getting a New Dog

5 Things You Should Consider Before Getting a Dog

Before you bring your new furry friend home, make sure you have considered these things.

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Adopt an older dog

Four Reasons To Consider Adopting An Older Dog

Adopting an older dog can be a great experience for you and your family. It can be rewarding to know that you have saved its life; providing it with a home.

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Dogs in a shelter

Q. Why Do I Work in Animal Rescue?

I have loved animals ever since I was little. When I “grew up” I wanted to help them all, so I decided to make working with animals with my career.

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Dogs in an animal shelter

How To Choose A Dog From A Shelter

Some great advice on how to go about choosing the right dog at an animal shelter

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