The Beautiful Siberian Husky

Husky Pups

The Siberian Husky was originally brought from Siberia to Alaska and Canada to be used as sled dogs. But their distinctive markings and great personalities allowed them to quickly acquire status as show dogs and family pets. Siberian Huskies are intelligent, friendly and outgoing, gentle dogs.

The Siberian Husky is a strong, medium size dog, and is still often used as a working sled breed. In most cases, the color of the dog’s noses depends on the color of the dog’s coat. In general, the nose is tan in black dogs, black in gray dogs, flesh-colored in copper dogs and liver in copper dogs. More so, the Siberian Husky Dog has an oval-shaped and typically beautiful eyes that can be blue, brown or even amber in color. Their erect ears are triangular are positioned high up on the head.

Husky Pups

The standard size of the breed indicates that males are on average between 22 to 25 inches tall and weigh on average between 47 and 63 pounds. Females, on the other hand, are much smaller and can grow to between 21 to 23 inches and weigh an average of 37 to 53 pounds. This particular breed of dog comes with a thick coat that can withstand temperatures as low as negative 55 Degrees Celsius.

According to a recent publication by the ASPCA, the Siberian Husky is likely to attain an average age of 13 to 16 years. Whereas conventional dog breeds tend to bark, the husky is very vocal and tends to howl. Additionally, due to their wild nature, they sometimes have behavioral issues such the tendency to make escape attempts or roaming by chewing through or jumping over fences.

siberian-husky-eyesHistory of the Siberian Husky

The Chukchi Tribe used this particular type of dog breed in the early 20th century off the Siberian peninsula to pull animal sleds or as a watchdog. Their superior stamina, hardy nature, and ability to live in small packs easily qualify them as ideal working dogs. Furthermore, the dog breed has its roots somewhere in Siberia and was transported to Alaska by fur traders for arctic races due to their superior stamina and speed. Most notably, Siberian Huskies were used in the first-ever Alaskan Sweepstakes where mushers take their dogs on 400-mile long race.

The Husky Dogs also garnered a large following in the 1920’s during the Diphtheria epidemic in Alaska. The dogs were used to bring in essential medical supplies to the sick. More so, during the second world war, the dogs were used as part of the Army’s Arctic Search and Rescue regimes.

Health Concerns

The majority of health complications experienced by this breed are primarily genetic, including defects of the eye such as glaucoma, dystrophy, cataracts and in some cases even seizures. It is also good to know that health conditions such as Hip dysplasia are rare occurrences in this particular breed. In fact, a recent orthopedic study determined that the Husky has only has a two percent chance of suffering from Dysplasia.


One of the funniest huskies I’ve seen online

Here is a gallery of beautiful Siberian Huskies. Just click the first image and you can click through and see them in a larger size.

Do you love Huskies or have a Husky? Tell us about him or her in the comments!

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