Dog Health

CBD Oil for Dogs

Can CBD Oil Benefit Your Dog’s Health?

The amazing thing about CBD oil is that it’s being said to be great for dogs, too. Check out the health benefits to be gained by giving your dogs a taste of this “miracle remedy”.

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Calling the Vet

How To Find the Right Veterinarian

Use these tips to find a vet that works for you, and get the peace of mind you need when it’s time to visit the vet. 

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Overweight Dog

Is Your Dog Too Fat?

Sources indicate that some 40 percent of the pet dogs in the United States are overweight or obese. How can you tell if your dog is overweight and what can you do about it?

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Doggy Diarrhea

What to Do When Your Dog Has Diarrhea

The most common cause of diarrhea in dogs is something having to do with their diet, however, there can be more serious causes.

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Reverse Sneezing in Dogs

What Is Reverse Sneezing?

A reverse sneezing fit can be incredibly worrying for a first time dog owner, because it sounds so scary.

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Dog that has gone to dog heaven

Dealing with the Grief of Losing Your Dog

It’s a sad fact of life that dogs just don’t live as long as we do. But as they say, it’s better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all.

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Dog Flu

What You Need to Know About the Dog Flu

The dog flu can be very draining and stressful. It’s not pleasant for your pet and unfortunately, it’s been making the rounds lately. Here’s what you should know about the dog flu.

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Sick Dog

What If Your Dog Gets Poisoned?

Would you know what to do if your dog got poisoned? Read this and be prepared, just in case!

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Dog in Hydrotherapy

The Benefits of Canine Hydrotherapy

If you’ve heard about how hydrotherapy can help humans, don’t overlook it as a therapeutic intervention for your pooch.

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Yorkshire Terrier with Open Mouth

Is A Dog’s Mouth Really Cleaner Than A Human’s?

Have you ever had your face washed by a happy dog, and told yourself that it’s ok, because his mouth is cleaner than a human’s? You’ve believed that for, like, dog years, but is it really true?

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Dog Chewing Rawhide Bone

Are Rawhide Chews Safe For Your Dog?

Have you heard that it might be dangerous to let your dog chew on rawhide bones and sticks, and wondered if it might be true?

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At the Vet's Office

The Timeline Of A Puppy’s Vaccinations

Having a hard time keeping up with all of your puppy’s shots? This article will let you know when to get them all done.

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Dog visiting the vet

The Importance Of Annual Blood Tests For Your Dog

Many dog owners are under the impression that annual blood tests are not really necessary if their dog is in good health and shows no signs of impending illness

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Common Genetic Problems In Dogs And How To Anticipate Them

Bringing home a mixed-breed dog often instigates hours of debate over its parentage. Whether favoring a Lab today or a Pug tomorrow – it’s time to find out.

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Euthanized Shelter Animals

A Horrible Inside Look at an Animal Shelter

I think our society needs a huge “Wake-up” call. As a shelter manager, I am going to share a little insight with you all… a view from the inside if you will.

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