The German Shepherd

The German Shepherd

German Shepherds are one of the most beautiful breeds of dogs. Before you adopt one and take him home, there is much you can learn about this wonderful animal.

 History Of German Shepherds

The first known German Shepherd was seen at a dog show in 1899. Selective breeding produced “Hektor Linksrhein.” Hektor’s new owner was amazed by the dog’s loyalty, beauty, and intelligence.

The breed was registered by the UK Kennel in 1919. The breed was later registered by the American Kennel Club. Its popularity continued to increase, and it has been the second most popular breed in America since 2012.

Hektor Linksrhein

German Shepherds are commonly used as working dogs, and especially as police dogs. They are also popular as guard dogs.

The German Shepherd’s Appearance

The dog is medium to large in size. The average size for an adult male is 66-88 pounds. Average females are 49-71 pounds. Males stand 24-26 inches, and females stand 22-24 inches.

They have double-layer coats. Most German Shepherds have tan and black, sable, or all black coats. The breed can also be found in other colors, including black, grey, red and black, black and silver, and white. They have erect ears, and intelligent eyes.

German Shepherd
The Personality Of German Shepherds

The German Shepherd’s appearance is a good indication of his personality. He looks strong, self-assured, and intelligent, and his personality reflects these characteristics. The dog is eager to have a purpose, willing to learn, and moderately active. The dogs are known for protecting their family members.

However, you do not need to be intimidated by the dog’s size. When a German Shepherd is properly trained and socialized, he will make a wonderful companion for your children. While they do not become friendly with strangers, they love their families.

Boy with his Dogs

Health Concerns And German Shepherds

Similar to all purebreds, purebred German Shepherds tend to develop health issues. Health problems are more common with inbred dogs. One common concern is elbow or hip dysplasia. This can lead to arthritis in his later years.

Degenerative myelopathy, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, and Von Willebrand disease are also concerns for owners of German Shepherds.

The average lifespan of a purebred German Shepherd is between 9 and 13 years.

 Why A German Shepherd May Be The Right Dog For You

When German Shepherds are properly trained, they are not aggressive toward the people in their lives. They are not likely to bite unless they are provoked. Their obedience, intelligence, loyalty, and natural temperament make them ideal members of the family.

When a German Shepherd lives with you, you will have fewer concerns about your family and your property. A German Shepherd is very protective of his loved ones and his property.

German Shepherd Family dog

There are many dog breeds available, but you will not find a breed better than a German Shepherd. He has a personality your entire family will love and appreciate. When he is well cared for, he will be strong, healthy, and happy. Not only is the German Shepherd one of the most beautiful breeds, he is also one of the nicest. With proper care, you will never regret adopting him.


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