My Dog Buddy

Buddy Came Into Our Lives and Stole Our Hearts

Brenda and Rich adopted Buddy after he was surrendered by his owners. He was such a good and sweet boy that he quickly became the love of their lives.

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Golden Retriever Pups

5 Things To Remember While Caring For Your New Puppy

If you are a first-time puppy parent, here are a few tips you need to keep in mind, while caring for your new bundle of joy.

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Emil and Guinness the Vizsla

Guinness, My Vizsla Dog

The Hungarian Vizsla is getting to be a very popular dog. Read about Emil’s dog, Guinness, and you will see why!

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Sick Dog

What If Your Dog Gets Poisoned?

Would you know what to do if your dog got poisoned? Read this and be prepared, just in case!

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Baby and Puppy

10 Cute Photos of Babies Growing Up with Dogs

We looked around the internet for some cute little love stories between dogs and the youngest member of the family. What we found will truly enlighten your mood!

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Dog in Hydrotherapy

The Benefits of Canine Hydrotherapy

If you’ve heard about how hydrotherapy can help humans, don’t overlook it as a therapeutic intervention for your pooch.

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Dogs Christmas Caroling

A Doggie Christmas Carol – Marking Up My Wiener Wonderland

A doggie Christmas carol – ♪ Dog tags ring, are you listenin’? ♪ In the lane, snow is glistenin’ ♪ It’s yellow, not white, ♪ l’ve been there tonight, ♪ Marking up my wiener wonderland.

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Akita Dog

My Adopted Dog: A True Compliment For My Life

Here is the story of my rescued dog Sammy and how we have become inseparable. To me, he is a priceless companion I cannot imagine living without.

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Old Dog's Request

An Old Dog’s Request

Yes, I am loyal to you to the very end, please be as loyal to me. Love me until the very end for I am a gift. With each wag of my tail, I say thank you.

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Dog Agility Course

Dog Agility Training – Fun For Dogs and Their Owners

Agility is a fun thing you can do with your dog so training for it should be a lot of fun, too. Keep this in mind and your dog will have a blast.

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Two Pugs

The Pug – From Chinese Emperors to Best In Show

Over the ages, the Pug has been called by many names – Lo-Chiang-Sze, the Lion Dog, Foo, and others.

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Yorkshire Terrier with Open Mouth

Is A Dog’s Mouth Really Cleaner Than A Human’s?

Have you ever had your face washed by a happy dog, and told yourself that it’s ok, because his mouth is cleaner than a human’s? You’ve believed that for, like, dog years, but is it really true?

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Dog Chewing Rawhide Bone

Are Rawhide Chews Safe For Your Dog?

Have you heard that it might be dangerous to let your dog chew on rawhide bones and sticks, and wondered if it might be true?

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Jordan the Dog

River Rescue – Saving Jordan the Dog

After receiving a call from L.A. On Cloud 9, the people from Hope for Paws set out to rescue this horribly abused little dog that they named Jordan.

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Policeman Frisks Biker Dog

The biker dog gang is in town, and they’ve been up to no good. The fire hydrants are not safe, and neither are your girl-dogs.

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