Dog Fun

Dog Gives High Five

Can You Train Your Dog To Have Fun?

There are lots of fun things to do with your dog and lots of fun things to teach him. Spend some quality time with your dog and it will be fun for both of you.

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Bulldog Puppy in the Rain

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Watch as this adorable Bulldog puppy experiences rain for the first time.

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Policeman Frisks Biker Dog

The biker dog gang is in town, and they’ve been up to no good. The fire hydrants are not safe, and neither are your girl-dogs.

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Chicken Lookin' Good Pups

Finger Lickin’ Cute

These guys are about as cute as they come. And you know mamma had a heck of a time at feedings, as many of them as there are.

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The Guilty Dog

Will The Guilty Party Please Stand Up?

Do dogs feel guilt? These pups don’t hesitate to throw their mate under the bus!

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Pup with perfect pitch

Look Out Liberace! This Pup is Amazing!

This is amazing! I’m trying to figure out how signals are being given to the dog, but I don’t think they are. Very cute when he reaches for the flat/sharp keys!

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Cats can be mean to dogs

5 Mean Things Cats Do To Dogs

Many believe that dogs are mean to cats but the truth is quite the contrary. Cats can be just as cruel if not more so than the canine.

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Golden the Music Loving Dog

Music Makes You Smile

Golden the dog really grooves to the music. But not so much when Drew sings.

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Twitter on Dogs

Some cute things posted on Twitter about dogs

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Baby and Husky, Deep in Conversation

Such an incredibly cute video, but one person had warnings about Huskies. Do you agree?

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Doggy Birthday Party Fun

ErnieCakes – Birthday Cakes for Dogs

I guarantee your four-legged friend will give their birthday party two paws up! Here are some helpful tips to ensure your dog party is a success.

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Birthday parties for dogs

4 Tips For Throwing Your Dog’s Birthday Party

Dog birthday parties are not as rare as you may think. Many people celebrate the birth of their furry friends with a special day just for their pup.

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Doggy Fun

Top Five Ways To Spoil Your Dog

Are you a dog owner? Here are some tips on how to make your dog the happiest pooch in the world.

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People annoyed by dogs

6 Annoying Habits Of Non-Dog Owners

This article discusses some fairly annoying habits that non-dog owners are guilty of.

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Working Dogs

Dogs at Work

Yes, it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and one must work like a dog to keep afloat in these trying times. By the end of the day, your dogs may be barking, but remember that all dogs will have their day!

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