Baby and Husky, Deep in Conversation

So incredibly cute, but this is what one  commenter said,

“For all of you now wanting or contemplating adding a husky to your home because the video is cute, please do your homework! Husky are beautiful, loving dogs that are incredibly smart but also need at least 60-90 mins a day of exercise putting them in the backyard isn’t going to cut it.

They are also independent and stubborn and can be difficult to train. They shed incredibly and blow their coat twice a year.

They are great escape artists and can never be off leash unless they are in an enclosed area. Given the chance they will RUN. They are not good with cats or chickens or squirrels and the like. So just do your homework so a cute video doesn’t end up with yet another husky left in a pound.”

I have never owned a Husky or knew anyone well who had one, so I have no idea if they are that difficult or not. Of course, we agree with the commenter about not getting a dog that is just going to end up at the pound. You want to be sure you are ready to fully commit to a Husky, or any other breed, before you adopt. Do we have any Husky owners that would like to comment?

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