ErnieCakes – Birthday Cakes for Dogs

ErnieCakes Birthday Cakes for Dogs

Note: Unfortunately, Ernie Cakes is no longer online. But these are still some great party tips for your doggie birthdays!

When I decided to throw a birthday party for my dog Ernie, I wanted to make sure it was a success. I created a guest list, bought decorations, and found the perfect location. The only thing that was missing was a personalized dog-friendly birthday cake that he could share with his friends.

I searched online, at local boutiques, and visited every major retail pet store chain but nobody offered a dog cake that was baked fresh, personalized, and delivered with quality. I realized there was a need for dog birthday cakes and dog cupcakes that were reasonably priced and of course, baked and delivered with love. That’s why I started ErnieCakes.

I was determined to use only the highest quality human-grade ingredients in all of my ErnieCake products. No harmful ingredients like chocolate or nuts are used.

Throwing your dog a birthday party is a must. I guarantee your four-legged friend will give the party two paws up! Here are some helpful tips to ensure your dog party is a success:

Invite Doggy Guests:

  • Invite dogs that play well with others and are similar in age.
  • It’s important to invite dogs that are well-socialized and play well with other dogs.
  • I recommend that each dog’s owner is present at the party to watch after their dog. Providing chairs and refreshments for dog owners is always a plus!

Location is Key:

  • Throw the party in a fenced-in area so that all dogs are safe.
  • Make sure there are shady areas for dogs to rest during the party.
  • A dog party can get a little rowdy. Make sure that your party is in a location where dogs will be free to bark and play comfortably.

Tasty Cakes and Cupcakes (this is my favorite part):

  • Every birthday dog needs a personalized birthday cake!
  • The birthday dog can’t have all the tasty fun! It never hurts to have dog cupcakes for the guests.
  • Make sure that any cake you buy uses ingredients that are safe for dogs and is consumed in moderation.
  • Have plenty of water at the party that is accessible to dogs of all sizes.

Cheese! Party Photos:

  • Grab your camera and start snapping! Take a photo of each party guest with their dog when they arrive. At the end of the party, take a group photo of owners with their dogs. Make a photo collage online and e-mail personalized thank you cards after the party.
  • Set up a white background with friendly props like party hats and leis. Get ready for cute photos!

ErnieCakes birthday guests

The most important tip is to plan ahead and have fun.

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