6 Annoying Habits Of Non-Dog Owners

People annoyed by dogs

If you’re a dog owner, you’ve likely noticed the way that non-dog owners tend to behave around dogs, and sometimes it’s downright annoying. The following are six of the most annoying habits of non-dog owners.

1. They constantly move out of the dog’s way

Dogs are naturally curious, and they are going to want to smell new people. Non-dog owners are always moving as far away from dogs as possible because they don’t want to be smelled. Even if your dog isn’t smelling in unpleasant areas, such as the crotch, they always awkwardly try to walk or move away from the animal. If they would simply realize that once your dog smelled them, your dog would lose interest, the interaction wouldn’t be so weird.

2. They freak out

Some non-dog owners go to the extreme and tend to freak out when dogs come near them. They either run and hide in a room where the dog can’t find them, or the stand up on furniture to get away from the dog. It doesn’t matter if you have a large Great Dane or a small Chihuahua, these people will still manage to make a scene every time a dog comes around.

3. They refuse to sit in your home

You may do a great job cleaning up after your dog, but non-dog owners tend to be picky about getting too comfortable in your home due to the fur. They may refuse to sit on couches or chairs because they may get fur on their clothes, so instead they always remain standing.

4. They make comments about the cleanliness of your home

Even if your home is neat and tidy, any sign of dog fur or spilled dog food will put these individuals on a rant as to how and why they will never own a dog. Even though they may feel as if they’re not intentionally insulting you, they are.

5. They make comments about your dog

To you, your dog is not just a dog, but also a member of your family. To non-dog owners, your dog isn’t even a dog. Instead, they refer to your dog as “a thing” or “a beast” or something to imply that your dog is a mutant and unworthy of their time.

6. They make unpleasantness obvious

When a non- dog owner comes into your home, they are going to make their unpleasantness with your dog as obvious as they can. They will constantly wash their hands every time your dog comes near them or if they have to push your dog away. They will constantly rub their hands off their pants or even break out the lint remover to ensure that no stray dog hair is left on them. They will push your dog away from them and loudly say how they don’t want the animal around.

You have to remember that not every person in the world loves dogs as much as you do, but their actions are still annoying. Just remember that your dog lives in your home with you, and they don’t. And if they make comments or are rude, remind them of this as well.

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    • Dan
    • March 12, 2014

    Non-dog owners are people who know which species they belong to and have not chosen to live in a wolf pack. Dog-owners are people who like to mix mutant wolves into their households, creating a human-dog society where wolf behaviours are considered normal. Humans don’t sniff each other when they meet and lick each others’ hands. If that’s normal behaviour in your household then don’t be surprised if some others don’t enjoy visiting you.

    • Bo's Mom
    • March 13, 2014

    I take it you’re not a dog lover, Dan?

    • Cynophobe
    • May 28, 2017

    This is everything why I avoid dog owners as much as I can. The disgusting sense of clueless entitlement of the whole article… Get a grip and in touch with reality and accept the fact that not everybody loves dogs (yes, that includes your special snowflake, too!) as much as you do, if at all.

    • Not a Hater
    • August 11, 2017

    Why are you even here, Cynophobe?

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