4 Ways To A Happy and Well-Balanced Dog

You want the best for your dogs. Almost as if they were your children, you want them to be healthy and happy and to feel loved. But having a well-trained dog that is happy and well-balanced is more than just feeding them and showering them with love. That’s the easy part. Dogs, just like children, need guidance, discipline and rewards to make them well-behaved and well-balanced.

Happy Healthy Dog

The following are 4 tips that you can use to keep your dog well-trained and happy at the same time. It’s really not that difficult. It’ll require some patience on your part, but once you’ve gotten over the initial hurdles, you’ll have a wonderful companion who behaves and responds well.

You Must Be The Leader

Dogs have evolved to follow pack leadership. When you own a dog, you need to lead it and not the other way around. It’s common to see people who bring their dogs out for a walk and the dog ends up pulling the leash and dragging the owner forward. This is wrong. You must always establish yourself as the pack leader.

When your dog does well, you need to reward it. When it performs poorly, you need to discipline or correct it. You can’t plead or reason with a dog because it is driven by instincts and not intellect. You shouldn’t be an emotional mess or highly aggravated either. You want to be cool, collected and yet, assertive. Remember, you’re the pack leader. Don’t let your dog see you sweat.

Your Vibes Matter

You may have noticed that some dog owners have pleasant, happy dogs, while other dog owners have dogs that growl, bite or are constantly ill-tempered. There’s a reason for this. Your dog feeds off your energy. Usually, the dog’s behavior is a reflection of the owner’s state of mind and energy. If you want your pet to be happy, well-behaved and a joy to have around, you need to display your best behavior around your dog. Being calm, pleasant and assertive will get the job done. Avoid being aggressive, anxious, overexcited, nervous, etc. Remember, your dog will mirror your emotional state.

Learn About Your Dog’s Instincts

Different dogs have different temperaments and natural instincts. Some dogs love to hunt. Some are more sociable, while some love to run in open spaces. You’ll need to read up on the breed of dog that you have. The more purebred it is, the stronger the instincts and breed characteristic he (or she) will display.

If you have a dog that needs lots of exercise, you’ll need to take him (or her) out to run and play. If you don’t, he will be unhappy and misbehave because he’s not able to follow his natural instincts. Understand your dog and allow him to follow his instincts.

Walk Your Dog

This is one of the most important tasks that you must do to raise a well-balanced dog. When you take your dog out for a walk, she should always walk beside you – not ahead of you, and not behind you. If your dog tries to walk ahead, stop where you are and don’t take another step, until she returns to your side. When you go back home, make sure you enter the house first, then allow her inside.

Taking your dog for walks (twice a day is ideal) is important because the dog will have a chance to use up its excess energy. A dog that gets enough exercise is a happy, healthy and well-balanced one.

Observe these 4 tips and your dog will be much happier and more disciplined. “Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.” – Orhan Pamuk

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