Everything You Need To Know About Greyhounds

There are many misconceptions about greyhounds. Some people see them as a dangerous dog but it couldn’t be further from the truth. They are generally placid and sweet by nature, but unfortunately many of them have had a difficult life.


Even though greyhounds are quick, they are generally very relaxed dogs. If you are getting a greyhound it’s probably best if you take a few days off from work to help your greyhound adapt to life in their new home.

Start building a special relationship with your hound early. Like with any dog, the relationship is based on trust, and the more you do with your hound the closer your relationship will be.

Check out this infographic from GAP for more information on why greyhounds make for great pets in any household.

Greyhound Infographic

If you want to see a perfect example of why the super-fast Greyhound is called a couch potato, check out these pictures of Addie Cakes.


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    • June 20, 2018

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