Police Rescue, Fall in Love, and Adopt Husky Tied to Fence

Two police officers in Lawrence, Indiana responded to a call about a dog that seemed to be caught in a fence. Upon checking, it turned out that a beautiful young husky had been tied to the fence, by his leash, with very little slack to allow him room to move. It was a hot day, it looked like no one lived in the house, and there was no food or water for the dog. He had obviously been abandoned.

Police Rescue Husky Dog

Luckily, a concerned neighbor noticed the dog, and called the police. The officers approached the dog cautiously, wondering out loud if he might be aggressive. If you know dogs’ body language, you can tell right away (in the video)  that this dog was not aggressive, he was a friendly sweetheart, and was so happy that someone was coming to rescue him!

On an episode of the A&E show Live PD, a pair of police officers in Lawrence, Indiana were called to a home regarding a young husky who appeared to be left tied to a fence and needed help. The officers approached the dog very carefully and untied him from the fence post, but as soon as they deemed the dog safe, Officer Stu Bishop decidedly fell in love, stating that he hoped to convince his wife to adopt the dog. – Source: LaughingSquid

Watch the officers rescue the pup here:

After a four-day waiting period, Officer Bishop’s wish came true. No one had claimed the dog, and his wife agreed to adopting him. The dog, now named Rizzo, joined the Bishop family on May 13, 2019.

Hi everyone ! My mom and dad finally caved and made me my very own page! They’ll be occasionally posting photos and updates of me since rescuing me. Thanks for all the love and support of my new #humanfamily and #bluefamily. Lots of slobbery kisses, #Rizzo — Rizzo Bishop (@Rizzo_Bishop) June 15, 2019

Rizzo in his new home

Don’tcha just love a happy ending? Rizzo now has his very own furever home where he’ll be loved and cared for. He even has his own Twitter page and his very own personalized dog collar. We’re so happy that Officer Bishop rescued you, Rizzo!

Rizzo's Collar

Such a handsome boy, with his name on his collar!

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    • janey
    • January 29, 2020

    I would have liked to heard the conversation, or maybe it was a txt w/ accompanying photo/video.. Honey, can I have this dog?

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