Dog Health

A Mummified Dog

Cancer in Dogs – The Man Made Killer

The first cases of canine cancer weren’t related until post WW2. What changed? What flicked the cancer interrupter to the “on” position?

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Dogs and Rattlers

Dogs in the Country – Combating the Threat of Rattlesnakes

Where we vacation, much of the wild is at our paws. Birds, fish, turtles, wild boars, and a variety of insects inhabit the area, but the number one concern for me as a dog owner is snakes.

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The Skyrunner

Becca and her dog Sky run several miles together each day. Becca has tips for you on getting started running with YOUR dog.

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Yeast Problems in Dogs

Systemic Yeast: The TRUE Cause of the Never Ending Allergy

Are you at the end of your rope with your dog’s itching, foul odor, ear infections? Has your vet diagnosed him or her with allergies, but no treatment seems to help?

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Dog Allergies

Allergies in Dogs, an Immune Deficiency

Allergies in dogs are a symptom of a lowered immune system. Treating the allergy symptoms won’t cure the underlying cause.

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Doggy with Fleas

The Dangers of Flea and Tick Products for Dogs

There is growing evidence that some of the ingredients commonly found in flea and tick products could be very harmful to your dog.

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Pink Nose in Dogs

Snow Nose. Why Is My Dog’s Nose Turning Pink?

While Snow Nose is usually just a temporary loss of pigment, it can become permanent in older dogs.

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Digestive Problems in Dogs

Doggie Digestive Problems

Although many pets do well on one feeding daily, the dog is a species at risk for torsion, an often fatal, always dangerous digestive problem that occurs principally in deep-chested animals.

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Dog Tails

The Tale of a Dog’s Tail

The tail can be a short stump, well feathered, long or short – all the same, this extension of the spine has many purposes for a dog.

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