Why Dog Owners Need a Dog Door

Dog DoorA dog, we’ve all been told, is a man’s best friend. Ideally, we treat our friends with love and are respectful of their independence. A pet owner’s attitude toward his or her dog should be no different.

One way you can show your love and respect for your dog is to make use of a doggy door.

Top Four Reasons for Installing a Dog Door

There are numerous reasons you might want to introduce a dog door to your pet-inhabited home, but here are the top four:

1. Your best friend can venture outside anytime he or she wants.

Who wants to be confined to the house at all hours? If you have a fenced-in backyard, your dog can safely leave the house whenever he or she wants. Dogs need exercise. It helps them to stay fit and prevents them from getting bored. Of course you need to take your dog on regular walks, but allowing him or her to slip outside for a run around the yard is also helpful.

2. Your dog won’t have to hold it.

If your best friend asked to use the bathroom, would you tell him he has to hold it for another hour until you can go for a walk? A doggy door will allow your dog to use the bathroom whenever need strikes, without having to wait on his or her owner. This, in turn, will result in fewer accidents that you as the owner have to clean up.

3. You’ll be granting your pet independence.

Dogs are notoriously loyal, and their devotion is part of what pet owners love about them. Yet it’s important to allow your faithful friend a little independence of his or her own. Your dog will appreciate the freedom to come and go inside and outside as he or she pleases. As a consequence, you won’t have to listen to your loyal pet scratch and howl at the door.

4. Dog doors help you to establish a perimeter for your dog.

Doggy doors don’t have to be installed only on doors leading outside of the house. There may be a door you like to keep closed or locked for practical reasons. Maybe you want to keep it off limits to children or guests, but you don’t want to keep your dog out. A doggy door will confine your pet to certain areas of the house while giving him wider range.

Doggy DoorWhat if My Dog Won’t Use the Door?

Maybe you’re sold on the benefits of dog doors, but you’re worried your dog won’t actually use it. Rest assured, most dogs master the in-and-out in a matter of minutes. Still, it’s possible you have one of those rare, reluctant pooches. Some dogs don’t like the noise the door makes when it opens, and they’re probably afraid that the flap will somehow trap them.


To combat this problem, consider starting the training with no flap at all. Leave the cut-out in the door wide open. If necessary, stand on the other side of the door and lure the dog through the opening with treats. Be sure to praise him when he makes it through! Do this several times, until your dog gets comfortable with the concept. Once your dog is going in and out with confidence, return the flap.

You may want to start with a softer or cardboard flap at first to get him use to some resistance and sound before replacing the flap that originally came with the door. See the video to understand the proper way in which the exercise should be performed.

It may take a little effort to install the pet door and train your pet, but your dog will thank your for his or her new window on life!

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