Dogs Find the People Who Need Them

Dogs Find the People Who Need Them

Not all dogs are adopted, rescued, or purchased. Sometimes, they choose you. It may be a lonely stray that wanders up to your front door, a lost dog whose eyes beg you for help, or a puppy in a friend’s litter that takes a shine to you.

I remember coming home one evening, with my two young sons, and there on our front porch, in a chair, was this big, black dog. Well, a medium-sized black dog. As we walked up to the porch, she jumped down out of that chair and barked at us as if we were invading HER territory.

The boys got a kick out of that, and took to her immediately. Although she had no collar and was pretty skinny, with her ribs showing, we checked around to see if we could find her owners. None were found, and she became ours. My youngest named her “Whoopi” after Whoopi Goldberg and she became our dog for several years. We still laugh about her defending what she had decided was her territory. She chose us. And she did fill a spot in our household that needed filling.

Did your dog find you? How did it happen?

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