“Smart” Toys for Smart Dogs

Smart Toys for Dogs

Ah, the world of dog toys.  From tennis balls to tug-of-war ropes to stuffed animals to “durable” toys for those “extreme chewers” (isn’t that all of them?)… I’d like to know how much money I have spent on toys in the past 2 years with Sky.  On second thought, maybe I don’t.  Because it seems like only a select few toys or chews make it a second day in my house.

So how do you deal with the fact that your dog can outsmart seemingly every toy, going straight for the poor stuffed pig’s throat or immediately finding and destroying the squeaker?

What I have discovered is a realm of “smart” toys – little games to keep your buddy busy.  My favorite type also involves food (the ultimate dog distractor).  Take this one for example.  Basically, your dog has to manipulate the toy to extract treats from the bottle.  I actually use it for about half of Sky’s food – nothing wrong with them working for their meal, like any other animal!  It keeps her busy for up to an hour, and you can tell it stimulates their brain.  The best part… they don’t seem to get bored with it!  It’s like, because the toy is interactive, they are much less tempted to utterly destroy it.  It’s a great option to help reduce toy turnover, and work out your pooch’s brain.

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    • Jennifer
    • November 22, 2013

    Um… yeah, I get the whole “durable toy” problem. I inherited a 9 month old hybrid wolf (25% husky, 75% timber wolf) last year and the best toy we’ve found is an old piece of firewood! She’s whittled it down quite nicely in just a few months. 🙂 grrrr!

      • Becca
      • November 25, 2013

      Haha, better get a new one soon Jennifer! Maybe you can try some of these “smart” toys… in size XL 🙂

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