How To Housetrain Your Dog

Housebreaking by Bell Method

Puppy Training is Neccessary and Fun

Housetraining a new puppy or previously untrained adult dog can be very stressful for new pet owners. While training does take time and patience, there are several different methods that can be used to achieve this goal. The bell method, tether training method, and crate training method are three highly successful techniques.

The Bell Method

To use the bell method you will need to buy some sort of bell or object that makes noise to hang on the door in your home that the dog will use to go outside for bathroom duties. Whenever you catch the dog having an accident in the home you will sound the bells as you are taking them outside to finish using the bathroom. Do not clean up the mess inside until after the dog has finished outside or too much time will have lapsed and they will not make the connection between the bell and going outside to potty. Also, leave the bells inside where you want them to be sounded if he needs to go outside. Otherwise the dog will connect the sound to the act of going to the bathroom, instead of connecting it to having the door opened to go outside and use the bathroom. However, you can come up with a word to speak while they are using the bathroom outside, so you can issue this command when you are letting them outside yourself and want them to use the bathroom. (Instead of them notifying you of their need using the bell).

The Tether Method

Puppy hidingThe tether training method is a good option for those that are knowledgeable regarding signs that a dog needs to use the bathroom, as well as those that have the availability to keep the dog with them most of the day. To use this method, you will connect one end of a leash to your belt and the other to the dog’s collar. This will allow you to watch for cues that your dog needs to go to the bathroom instead of it using the bathroom inside which may not be discovered until much later. You will need to take the dog outside immediately after recognizing one of these cues and then reward with admiration or a treat.

The Crate Method

For the crate training method you will want to purchase a crate that only allows enough room for the dog to stand and turn around adequately. Due to dogs being den animals they will regard the crate as their den and will not want to use the bathroom in their crate. To create a den-like environment, place the dog’s food and water inside the crate as well. Anytime you leave the home, or are sleeping, put your dog inside the crate and then immediately take them outside after letting them out of the crate. Whenever your dog uses the bathroom outside, make sure to provide them with affirmation through commendation and /or treats afterwards. Eventually your dog will make the connection between your approval and them using the bathroom outside, and you will not need to crate the dog anymore for housebreaking purposes.

Any of the methods listed above will be successful if used properly. Choose the method that best fits your lifestyle needs and with which you feel the most comfortable. Regardless of the method chosen, remember that training takes patience, consistency and time to be effective.

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