Peanut the Chorkie

Hi, my name is James-Peanut, but you can just call me Peanut. I hope you don’t mind, I asked my mommy to type for me since my wish to grow thumbs has not yet come true.

I am 2 years old, have big brown eyes (yes, I’m a tiny bit cross-eyed, but mommy says it’s cute), and a serious face.

Apparently, I’m what is called a Chorkie, meaning that I’m a cross between a Chihuahua and a Yorkshire terrier – noble breeds, I must say.

More than a year back (time flies when you’ve found your “furrever” home), I was abandoned by my owners and put in a cold and lonely cage with no explanation. “What did I do wrong”, I kept asking myself, “did I pee on the carpet too much? Did they not like my crooked teeth? Didn’t they love me anymore?”

Peanut at the Shelter

Time in the “slammer” nearly killed me. Every day, dozens of smiling faces would look past me. I wagged my tail and gave them my best crooked grin, but nobody even looked my way.

My luck changed one warm December morning. When the gates opened, I stood with my best grin, as usual, hoping that this would be my lucky day. A man and a woman walked past me. The woman froze in her tracks, bent down, put her hand through the gate, and touched me for the first time in what felt like an eternity.

Peanut the Chorkie

I just knew in my heart they would return and take me home, and glory be, a short time later they came for me! I leapt into my new mommy’s arms with joy, licking her tear-streaked face, knowing I’d at last found love.


And you know what? Today I have 2 older “sisters”, one little “brother”, and a cat to play with. My life is full of love and I sleep tightly behind my daddy’s back at night.

Peanut with Daddy

Kind regards,


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