My Dog Biscuit, The Minature Dachshund That Isn’t

My Dog Biscuit

My dog Biscuit is an 11 years old Dachshund. She was supposed to be a miniature, but she didn’t turn out that way, except for her legs, which are too short. Her length and her belly are not!

She was originally supposed to be my wife’s dog, but that didn’t turn out either. She likes me better. 🙂

Biscuit is very friendly and outgoing. She likes most anybody and she never bites. But she’s still very protective, mostly of me. If anybody comes around and tries to mess with me, she barks her head off, even if it’s my wife or one of my daughters.

When someone comes to the door, if she knows them, she’ll only bark a couple of times, and then she’ll roll over on her back to get a belly rub. She sleeps with us at night, pushed up hard against my back. In the night, she’ll start pushing on my back with all four legs, which we think is the funniest thing. I think she’s running in her dreams.

Her left eye is milky because of an infection. The vet put her on steroids, and the infection cleared up, but it left her with the milky eye. She doesn’t seem to be affected by it; she never bumps into things or seems to not be able to see where she’s going, but I’m pretty sure it clouds her vision on that side.

Biscuit and the Cat

We have a cat named Jumper, but I call her Psycho – because she is. If she’s laying in the garage, and the garage door goes up, she will freak out like…well, like a psycho. We’ve had her for 2 years and she still does it every time.

And Biscuit won’t get anywhere near her. If she has to go outside to go to the bathroom, and the cat is laying on the front porch, Biscuit will go way around her. As far away from her as she can. And when Biscuit wants back in, if the cat is still laying there, she’ll wait about 10 feet away, until either the cat moves, or we open the door to let her in.

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    Biscuit sounds like a fun loving dog indeed! I guess cats and dogs just can’t get friendly sometimes! Although it’s quite fun to watch them interact, no matter if it’s play or avoidance behavior it can be pretty entertaining!

    Thank you for sharing your story John! Biscuit sounds like a wonderful pup!

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