Four Reasons To Consider Adopting An Older Dog

Adopt an older dog

People say that dogs are a man’s best friend, but there are still millions of dogs in shelters across the country that need a good home.  November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month, and if you’re looking for a pet this is the month to adopt.  A lot of shelters celebrate the month by offering discounts on adoption fees for older animals, and pet supply vendors give out special discounts on their most popular products.  Older dogs can make good pets, but many people have reservations about adopting older animals.  Older dogs can be just as fun and active as other dogs, and there are plenty of reasons why you may want to consider adopting a dog with a little more life experience.

Older Dogs are Calmer

Older dogs have a well established temperament, and they’re very used to every day routines and sounds.  Excitable puppies can feel the need to bark at every person who walks past your house, but older dogs may not even give passing people a second thought.  Younger dogs are bursting with energy and need a little more attention to ensure that they stay out of trouble, but your older dog will be happy with a few games of fetch and a nice walk around the park.

Older Dogs are Usually Trained

Many older dogs that end up in shelters had owners and homes, and dogs don’t forget what they’ve been taught once they enter a new home.  An older dog is far more likely to be house trained, so you won’t have to worry about teaching your new pet that outside is the only acceptable place to use the bathroom.  Older dogs may already know how to sit, stay, beg, fetch, and follow a variety of other commands.

Older Dogs Make Excellent Family Dogs

When some parents think about getting a family dog they envision finding a playful puppy for the house.  Puppies can be very cute, but they also require a lot of attention and training.  Sometimes puppies don’t make the best pets for busy families with young children.  When you’re busy caring for your kids and getting to work, you’re going to need someone to train the dog.  Older dogs are usually very good around other people and children, and are already socialized enough to be able to handle the excitement of a busy family home.

You Could Save a Life

Blue pitbull puppies and 12 week old golden retrievers have no problem getting adopted at shelters, but older animals of the same breed aren’t as popular.  Shelters can become very crowded, and animals that have been there for a long time may have to be put down so that there can be more room for incoming animals.  Dogs over the age of five seem to have a much lesser chance of getting adopted, and they’re far more likely to be euthanized.  If you adopt a senior dog, you’ll be giving them a second great home with love and saving their lives.

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