How To Train Your Kids To Behave Around Dogs

Kids and Dogs

When you have kids, it’s important that you do whatever you can to keep them safe. One of the most important things you need to do as a parent is teach your child how to behave around dogs.

Whether you have a dog in the home or not, it’s still very important to teach children the right way to behave and act around dogs in order to keep them safe from harm. The following information can help you teach your kids the right way to act.

Teach Your Child to Ask

When it comes to petting a stranger’s dog, it’s very important that you teach your child to ask permission first. Teach your child that they should never run up to an unknown puppy and start petting it without first asking the owner if it’s okay. While the dog may look docile, it’s possible that they have an aggressive behavior that can cause severe injury to your child.

Teach Your Child to Approach the Dog From the Front

Children are notorious for appearing out of nowhere, and this can cause your child to startle a dog and end up becoming injured. Teach your child the importance of always approaching a dog from the front so that the dog can see the child and what the child is about to do. Make sure your child knows never to approach a dog from behind or while they’re sleeping to avoid injury.

Teach Your Child to Leave Dogs Alone While Eating

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Dogs tend to be overly protective of their food, so it’s very important that you teach your child never to bother a dog while they’re eating. Even if though they may not intentionally bite your child, it’s possible for your child to get nicked if they put their hand in the dog’s bowl while the dog is trying to chew their food.

Teach Your Child to be Gentle

Kids are rough, but it’s very important to teach your child about being gentle with animals. Teach your child the right way to gently pet a dog so that the dog feels safe. It’s also important to teach your child never to jump on, kick or hit the dog, even if they think they’re just playing with the dog. The quick movements of small children can make a dog nervous enought to bite, even when the dog is good natured.

Teach Your Child Not to Feed the Dog

Kids have a tendency to stick things in orifices, and your dog’s mouth will be a great place for your child to want to stick items. Make sure your child knows that they should never shove anything down your dog’s throat, as it could cause your dog to choke. You should also be sure to teach your child never to give your dog human food, as some human foods can be extremely toxic to dogs.

Teach Your Child What To Do in Case of a Dog Attack

As a parent, you hope that your child never finds themselves in a situation where they’re being attacked by a dog, but it’s always a possibility. In order to ensure your child is safe, be sure to teach them the proper way to handle a dog attack.

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