Dispelling Myths About Pit Bulls

Pit Bull Dog

If you hear enough bad things about something, chances are you will start to take those rumors and myths for truth. That is largely how the misunderstanding and confusion surrounding pit bulls have spread to hysteric proportions. The truth is, the bad reputation of the pit bull breed is largely unwarranted, and if you are wondering whether or not buying a pit bull puppy is the right move for you, do not simply buy in to the hysteria. Pit bulls are a very misunderstood breed, but moving past the myths and broad-stroked assumptions will reveal a breed capable of being one of the most gently, loving, and intelligent out there.

That Tough Looking Dog is a Pit Bull—False

The ASPCA explains that one of the biggest misconceptions regarding pit bulls is that many people cannot properly identify them. The term ‘pit bull’ refers to two different breeds of dogs: the American Pit Bull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier. There are commonly mix-ups with the term pit bull, and it is incorrectly attributed to other breeds of dogs that do not fit under the term, such as: the Boxer, Bullmastiff, Can Corso, Presa Canario, Stafordshire Bull Terrier, and the Bull Terrier. While people may find some of these breeds to be similar to what they think a pit bull looks like, they are not actually pit bulls.

Pit Bulls Will Always Attack—False

It is true that at their core and in their hereditary line that true pit bulls were bred to be fighting dogs, explains Parade. While their roots may be in fighting other dogs, that does not mean they will be aggressive towards humans. A study conducted by the American Temperament Test Baby with Pit BullSociety found that pit bulls were actually less aggressive towards humans than other dog breeds—with an 82 percent passing rate compared with just 77 percent for the general, non-pit bull, dog population. Pit bulls are not different than other dog breeds in the fact that they are shaped by their environment. This breed requires proper socialization while young as well as training. The aggressive behavior that has become the epitome of the breed is not innate in the breed, but rather a learned behavior taught by irresponsible dog owners.

What is True About Pit Bulls

The truth about the breed is this: they will learn from you. The behaviors you teach them will shape the dog they become as they grow older. Teaching them proper behavior both around other dogs and other people will help to ensure that you get to experience your pit’s full potential as the intelligent, gentle dog they are.

Could a Pit Bull Find a Forever Home with You?

If you are able to move past the myths and hype surrounding the breed you will realize that beneath it all is a seriously misunderstood breed that just wants to be loved. There are many pit bull puppies for sale that are waiting for a forever home. Could you be the one to give them that home with the love and care they need?

A Few Celebrities and their Pit Bulls (click to see gallery)

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