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The SchnauzeranianSometimes mistakenly called the Pom-a-Nauze, the Schnauzeranian is a mixed breed dog born of the Miniature Schnauzer and the Pomeranian. It is not a purebred dog, however it is recognized by both the Designer Breed Registry (DBR), which recognizes both designer breed mixes and purebred lines alike; and the International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR). Other acceptable names for this designer breed include Pomanauzer and Scheranian.

The Schnauzer

The SchnauzerThe Schnauzer is an old breed, first appearing in Germany in the 15th century. Originally, these dogs were the size of the modern-day Standard Schnauzer, and they were bred to hunt and kill rats, protect the yard, and guard the family.

Technically classified as terriers, these dogs do not share the personality of others in this breed group. While Giant Schnauzers and Standard Schnauzers are both popular breeds, it is the Miniature Schnauzer that is used in this designer breed’s lineage. These dogs stand at roughly 1 foot tall, and they have a distinct style of curled fur and recognizable long fur around their snout.

 The Pomeranian

The PomeranianIn contrast, the Pomeranian is a toy breed that originated in the 16th century, named for the Pomerania region of Europe. The history of this breed is said to include members of the Spitz family from the arctic region, so it is possible that the origins extend further. It was a popular choice of companion for many royals, and two of the three dogs that historically survived the sinking the RMS Titanic were Pomeranians; the third was a Pekinese.

Pomeranians are smaller than the Schnauzer, standing between 5 and 11 inches tall. Their curled tail and legs are adorned with long and feathery fur, and they have a thick mane of fur that they are well-known for.

 The Schnauzeranian

Schnauzeranian PuppyCombined, these breeds created the excellent family dog that is the Schnauzeranian. They are extremely intelligent and highly trainable as a result, and they are friendly and playful with children. This designer breed is known for its highly protective nature, and they are very loyal to their families.

This breed is small and lightweight. Some display thicker and longer fur than others, and the colors possible include a wide array. White, black, and salt and pepper are colors seen in both originating breeds, and tan, brown, and cream, as well as red, blue, and liver, come from the Pomeranian. There are minimal grooming requirements for most, though those with thicker fur will require more frequent brushing.


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