10 Cute Photos of Babies Growing Up with Dogs

Of course we know that dogs are adorable, and so are babies. The bonding between babies and their dogs is extremely cute, innocent and heart warming. If you are one of the lucky ones who grew up with a dog or have babies in your home who are growing with your dog, these photos will make your day. These cute babies with equally adorable dogs will make anyone’s heart warm and fuzzy.

Baby and Puppy Sleeping

The benefits of having a dog while children grow up are too numerous to list. Most children love dogs. They’re cute, cuddly, and oh-so-friendly. New studies show that infants that grow up with pets have a much less chance of developing allergies to dogs as they grow up. Moreover, babies who grow up with a dog have more sense of responsibility, are happier and more free-spirited psychologically, and have less chance of being violent when they are grown up.

We looked around the internet for some cute little love stories between dogs and the youngest member of the family. What we found will truly enlighten your mood. Have a look!

1. Constant Companionship

Just me with my best friend by my side. These two are the perfect size for each other – for now!

Baby and Puppy at Window


2. Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

This dog seems a little worried, but baby girl knows how to make him smile. Sort of…

Baby and Puppy


3. Mi Casa Es Tu Casa

There’s always room for you in my bed.

Baby and Puppy Spooning


4. A More Active Lifestyle?

Or not. Let’s just chill and watch a little TV together.

Baby and Puppy Watching TV


5. What kind of alien life-form are you?

I was just about to ask you the same question.

Baby and Puppy Talking


6. Serious Stuff

These two are watching something very intently! What could it be?…

Baby and Puppy Watching


7. Having Fun

Will the real Easter Bunny please stand up?

Baby and Puppy with Rabbit Ears


8. Saddle up!

If you’d throw a saddle on her, she could be the horse and I could be the cowboy.

Baby on Puppy Imgur

9. Good Morning

Nothing like seeing your best buddy’s face when you first wake up!

Good Morning PuppyInstagram

10. Warm and Cuddly

Those who play together, nap together.

Baby and Puppy Sleeping

Which one is your favorite?

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