An Old Dog’s Request

Yes, I am loyal to you to the very end, please be as loyal to me.
Old Dog's RequestIf when you look at me you only see a white face and cloudy eyes, a burden or a hassle…you’ve missed out on the best part of me. I am loving and loyal, protective but kind.

You are my one and only and my tail will wag for you up until my last breath.

As a senior, I’ve been with you long enough to know what you want without even saying a word. I know when you’re happy. I know when you’re sad. I know when you need me to place a law on you.

Senior Dog

I know when you snuggle up to me and your heartbeat speeds up, it’s because you are fighting back tears as you see what the years have done to my body. But inside I am still just a puppy, content with your love and your shelter.

Love me until the very end for I am a gift. With each wag of my tail, I say thank you.

~Bacardi Reynolds

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