Afraid To Leave Your Dog Alone? 6 Creative Things You Can Do

Dog Left Home Alone

Leaving your dog home alone while you go to work can be heartbreaking. You may hate knowing that your dog is cooped up in the house all day with nothing to do until you get back from the office. As a dog owner, though, you also know that putting your dog in doggy daycare can be awfully expensive, and what’s the point of having to take on a second job just to afford it?

Instead of allowing your dog’s puppy-dog eyes to get the best of you everyday, and instead of shelling out a small fortune for doggy daycare, use the following six creative ways that you can keep your dog happy while you’re not home.

1. Leave the Radio On

Sometimes dogs are simply comforted by the sound of a human voice, so leave the radio on for your dogs before you leave for the day. It doesn’t matter what station you leave on, just know that the music or talking may be enough to keep them happy while you’re gone.

2. Leave the Television On

Instead of the radio, you can always opt to leave the television on too. Like the radio, the television produces voices that keep your dog happy while you’re gone, but especially if you leave it on Animal Planet, your dog may also be entertained while you’re away.

3. Have a Friend or Relative Check In

If you have a friend or relative that lives or works near your home, ask them to check in on your dog a few days a week. They could run by your house on their lunch break and play with your dog for a bit. This way, your dog isn’t spending the whole day alone, and they’ll also get some exercise.

4. Hire a Dog Walker

There are plenty of professional dog walkers in most areas that would be willing to visit with your dog for a few hours every day to keep them company, and these walkers are much cheaper than your average doggy daycare. Look on Craigslist or other job boards in your area to see if anyone is offering these services, or ask your friends or relatives if anyone would be interested in the position.

5. Ask to Work Offsite

Thanks to technology, many companies are allowing their employees to work offsite instead of in the office. Work up the courage and ask your boss if this is something that you could do, whether full time or even a few days per week. When you’re home, your dog will not be spending their days alone, and you won’t have to worry about an awful commute everyday.

6. Ask Your Employer to Allow Dogs at Work

Some employers don’t have an anti-dog policy, so bring the question up to your boss. Find out if they would consider allowing pets in the office a few days per week. If there are multiple dog owners at your company, get their input and use it to your advantage. Remember, if it’s something that will make employees happy, it could boost morale and overall production.

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    • Emily D.
    • November 23, 2013

    If it’s a viable option, you can also get a second dog for company. I’ve usually have two dogs at a time and they never get lonely.

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