The Best Dogs For Apartment Dwellers

Big Dog in Small Bed

If you live in an apartment, you know that there are certain dogs that make better pets in your smaller living space. Not only do you need a dog that can easily get around your apartment (sorry, no Great Danes), but you’ll also want one that doesn’t need a large amount of exercise and one that will not bark all day and annoy your neighbors.

If you currently live in an apartment, the following are some of the best dogs for you to consider owning.


A Maltese may just be the perfect apartment dog. First, they’re extremely low maintenance, which means you won’t have to deal with excessive shedding. Second, they don’t require a ton of exercise, which means your apartment will be the perfect size. Finally, the Maltese loves to lay around and cuddle with you, which means they don’t bark excessively and will not pace around the apartment annoying your neighbors. They’re actually extremely quiet, and most of your neighbors may not even know you have a dog.

English Bulldog

English Bulldogs may be on the larger-sized end of dogs you might consider, but they’re still typically small enough to meet the weight or size requirements of your rental agreement. Plus, what makes English Bulldogs such great pets for apartment dwellers is their lack of energy and activity. That’s right. English Bulldogs tend to be very lazy, which means those few walks you take to let them use the bathroom will be all the exercise they’ll need. And since they’d rather nap, your neighbors will never hear a bark out of them during the day.


The small size and gentle nature of a Dachshund makes them great for those living in apartments. Not only will they be happy in your smaller living quarters, but they’re also great with kids, making them extra special to families. Dachshunds can also survive without much exercise, but they are prone to obesity, so make sure you do take them for walks or have your child chase them around the house. Some Dachshunds have also been known to bark, so you may want to train them appropriately to keep your neighbors happy.

Pug Dog donated by Katelyn ThomasPug

Chances are you’ll find a pug in almost every apartment complex around the world, as they’re one of the most popular choices for apartment dwellers. Pugs are great for apartment living because their small size allows them to adapt to the size of your home comfortably. Plus, pugs don’t require too much exercise, as their squashed faces put them at risk for respiratory issues.

Yorkshire Terrier

Small toy dogs like the Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) is another popular apartment dog. Their small size makes them the perfect choice for smaller apartment living, and these dogs are content spending the day lounging around your home. Taking a few walks every day will provide this dog with the right amount of exercise too, so there’s no need for a big or fenced yard. Yorkies have been known to bark, but you can easily train them to curb the barking.

Pug dog image donated by Katelyn Thomas in support of The Indiana Animal Protection League under Creative Commons license. Big Dog in Small Bed  image source license: Creative Commons

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