The Affenspinscher

The Affenspinscher is a dog breed that originated in Germany during the 17th century and was made famous by its monkey-like expression. This little terrier type dog was in fact dubbed the Monkey Dog. The name Diablotin Moustachu, meaning mustached little devil, was given to the dog by French breed enthusiasts.

Affenpinscher dog

Affenpinschers were bred mainly to keep rats and other rodents from homes and barns. In the early years of the dog’s development, these little dogs were frequently seen hunting rodents in kitchens, barns, stables and granaries.

A Fun Personality

A high level of intelligence, an affectionate nature and the renowned clownish personality are the admirable qualities of an Affenpinscher. If your choice for a pet is a dog that will provide the family with comic relief, then the Affenpinscher is the dog for you.

AffenspinscherAn Affenpinscher will take advantage of every opportunity to catch people’s attention by showing off. Would it be any wonder if the lowly rat catcher that curls up in barns would become a highly valued pet that uses the owners lap as a place to rest?

However, as cute as they are, this dogs has a cunning personality. The astute dog can play up and take advantage of the master’s weaknesses. The dog is so small but it knows how to use it wiles to make the whole family give in to its demands.

Can Be A Little Bully

An Affenpinscher certainly makes a wonderful and ideal family companion but owners have to be aware of the dog’s domineering personality. Never give in to the desire to spoil this dog if you don’t want to have a bully in your hands. This dog has the unwanted behavior of showing a bad temper if its wishes are not granted by its master.

The feisty Affenspinscher will not tolerate teasing, especially from unfamiliar faces. The tough personality that earned this dog the “mustached little devil” name can be corrected with consistent, firm training and lots of loving care.

Small But Active

An Affenpinscher belongs to the toy dog breed. Apartment dwellers wanting to have a pet can consider an Affenpinscher as one of the suitable choices. But unlike other toy breeds, an Affenpinscher’s exercise requirement is rather high. Owners of this breed have to make sure that the pet is given the opportunity to exercise daily. Bear in mind, in spite of their small size, the dog is very active.

Affenpinscher Puppies

An Affenpinscher, apart from being cuddly, is also an affectionate pet, thus it is not surprising for an owner to carry and cuddle the dog constantly. An Affenpinscher not given the chance to let off steam will turn into a destructive dog. But when properly cared for and correctly trained, an Affenpinscher makes an ideal pet that will never cease to provide the family with loving and devoted companionship.

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