Belle and Bailey – Paper Tigers

Belle and Bailey and the Turkeys

We rescued my two Dachshunds puppies from possible demiss back in 2009. Their mother was a purebred Dachshund, but their father was only about 7/8 Dachshund, so their breeder was unable to sell them, and was having difficulty even giving them away. He was going to take whoever was left to the pound, and we all know what happens there!

My wife insisted that we go “save” two of these puppies. I didn’t really want to, but you know what they say – happy wife, happy life. But I will admit that they were a couple of cute little girls, and it wasn’t long before they had my heart. The kids named them Bailey and Belle. We enrolled them in puppy school for obedience training and socialization, and they turned out to be pretty good dogs.

Fast forward two years. I live out in the country with a lot of wildlife. There are many types of wild animals out there. We’ve seen opossums, raccoons, skunks, coyotes, wild turkeys, and deer.

One day there were some wild turkeys down the hill. The dogs were out on the back porch and saw them. These two little weiner dogs think they are as big as wolves, and twice as fierce, and so launched themselves off the porch and charged down the hill to chase the turkeys away.

The hens scattered and ran, but the tom turned towards the dogs and puffed up. Bailey and Belle, who had nearly reached the tom, stopped dead in their tracks. The tom looked them in the eye for one tense second, and then started for them. Those two big toughies turned and ran like a couple of scared rabbits! You talk about back-peddling!

They managed to get away before the tom could get to them, but they learned that day not to mess with wild turkeys!

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