5 Ways To Ensure Your Dog Is Safe While At Doggy Daycare

Doggy Daycare

If you work full time, you may feel bad about leaving your dog home alone. After all, your dog does miss you when you’re gone, and leaving them home alone for too long puts them at risk of having accidents in the house or damaging your belongings.

Because of this, many dog owners are now placing their dogs in the hands of doggy daycares. These facilities can now be found all over the globe, and they’re a great way to ensure that your dog is cared for, exercised and interacting with others while you’re not home.

Even though your dog is in the care of someone else, it’s still important for you to take certain precautions to ensure that your dog is always safe while at doggy daycare.

1. Do background checks on the establishment

Before signing your dog up for a doggy daycare facility, be sure to run a background check. Do a simple Google search on the owner and name of the company to see what comes up. You may be shocked at the negative reviews and information you find, or you may learn it’s one of the best daycares in the area. This will give you peace of mind that you’re putting your dog in the care of reputable people instead of placing them in the hands of abusers or criminals.

2. Keep your dog up to date on shots

Your dog requires certain vaccines and boosters to keep them healthy, and it’s important you keep them up to date with their shots. Dogs can get diseases from other dogs, and if another dog in the daycare is sick, a vaccination against the disease can keep your dog from getting sick too. This can help your dog stay healthy, and keep you from having expensive vet bills too.

3. Train your dog

Your dog will be in the hands of other people, but it’s important that your dog knows how to understand basic commands. This way, when the employees or owners of the daycare tell your dog what to do, your dog will listen. This will help ensure that your dog is safe at all times.

4. Warn the daycare about aggressive triggers

Some dogs get aggressive with certain triggers, and it’s important to make the daycare aware of this. For example, if your dog gets aggressive around his or her food, you need to warn the daycare. This way, they can be sure to feed your dog in isolation so that your dog, or other dogs, don’t become injured. It’s important for you to try and teach your dog to not become aggressive to these triggers, but it’s also important for you to warn the daycare as you’re working on these issues.

5. Have your dog microchipped

While you never want to think of your dog getting lost at daycare, it’s always a possibility. This is why it’s extremely important to have an ID tag on your dog at all times and also have them microchipped. You should also ensure the information found on the chip is up to date so that if your dog is lost, they can be reconnected with you.

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    All dogs are so cute at dog day care. But Thanks for sharing this beautiful article. Now i will observe according to your tips.

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    • February 12, 2014

    It was a nice article. I am a pet lover and my pets always like to go these doggy day care. I am sure keeping all these things my dog will be safe in the doggy day care.

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