Training Your New Puppy For Good Behavior

Training a dog is one of the most important aspects of being a dog owner. Having a well-trained dog can make life easier, more enjoyable, and safer for both you and your dog.

Puppy On A Leash

Before bringing a puppy home it is important to take some time to think about what kind of training and socialization may be right for your new companion. Make sure that you set realistic, attainable goals for your pup as he or she grows.

The process will take time, and making mistakes is inevitable. But as long as you stick with it, your pup will learn.

Behavior Training

There is training dogs to do tricks, and then there is training them to behave. Tricks you might want to teach your dog include things like “shake”, “roll over”, and “play dead”. These tricks are cute, but not necessarily practical.

Dogs should also be trained to stop certain bad behavior, for example barking or digging up the yard. Training your dog to behave properly is mainly about teaching him what he can and can’t do.   Some of your training for good behavior should include:

On Leash and Off Leash

Both on-leash and off-leash training is required. On-leash is mainly for your dog’s safety and to avoid any possible accidents. Off-leash training ensures that you have control over them when they are not on the leash.

At Home and While Visiting

In addition to being trained on how to behave at home, your dog should also be trained in social settings outside the home. Dogs need to be socialized so that they can interact with other animals and people in public places. This will also help them get along with your friends and family members when they come to visit.

Socializing On-Leash

By taking your puppy out to as many places as possible, such as shops, cafes, children’s play areas, parks etc., you will help them become accustomed to different surroundings and situations from the very beginning.

Breaking Bad Habits

It is important for dogs to understand how to avoid bad habits such as chewing on your belongings or urinating on the carpet. This can be done through proper training, by making sure that your dog knows what is right and wrong.


You would think that playing is simply spontaneous, but it is important for them to also know the proper way to play. Sometimes, puppies can be too rough with their owners or other pets. Oftentimes, an older dog can assist a younger dog in learning how to play without too much biting. However, if your puppy doesn’t have an older role model, you may have to teach him yourself.

Older and Younger Dogs

Basic Commands

There are a few basic commands that your dog should be able to execute, including sit, stay, come, and leave it (or drop it), and down. These are simple instructions your dog must understand regardless of the situation.

Teach Your Puppy the Rules

The first step in training your pup is to teach them these basic rules. If possible, you should always start training when they are still puppies. A puppy is easier to train than an adult because their minds are still developing and absorbing

As with any training, patience is required. With young puppies, it may be difficult to teach them to obey commands. However, as they grow older and you spend time together, their trust in you grows stronger and their ability to follow your directions increases.

Training makes the bond between owner and pet even stronger because both are learning from each other.

Untrained Dogs

Many people mistakenly take the approach that it doesn’t matter how well behaved their dog is. Whenever a situation arises, they believe they will be able to handle it. You should, however, consider worst-case scenarios.

Naughty Dog

If you are not able to stop your dog from barking, for example, it could end up in a noise complaint, with a monetary fine attached.

Or if your dog gets loose in the neighborhood and roams around, he might be in danger if it doesn’t know how to behave with other humans, dogs, or other animals.

An Unwelcome Guest

You might even take it a step further and assume that something terrible happened to you. In the event of your incapacity or even your demise, who would raise your dog? During an unexpected emergency like that, you would want to make sure your dog would be welcomed into a loving home.

Many dogs that are poorly behaved and poorly trained end up in shelters. They are often put to sleep because no family is willing to take them in if they have not been socialized and don’t act properly.

If you don’t train your dog, you are jeopardizing their safety, as well as the safety of others around them. It also makes training them later on more difficult. Training your puppy is not only important for the protection and safety of your family and other pets, but also for your dog’s protection and safety.

Bad Dog Tore Up Leather Couch

Help With Training

Books, online courses, and training establishments that can assist you with training your dog are all options to consider.  Two of our favorite online courses are Doggy Dan’s and Brain Training For Dogs.  Check them out!

Additionally, there are a variety of training products on the market that can assist you in guiding your dog. For example, there are treats and clickers that can get them to act in the desired manner. Don’t forget the treats!

Training puppies does come with its fair share of problems, especially if your puppy hasn’t received much attention before you got him or her. But with a little patience and a lot of love, you can have a well-behaved dog in no time.

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