New Family Dog

Choosing the Right Dog for your Family

It’s no wonder that families love adding a dog to their household. However, there are many things to consider before getting a dog for your home.

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A Puppy In A Box

The reactions of these two kids, when they notice the puppy in the box, is just precious!

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Chicken Lookin' Good Pups

Finger Lickin’ Cute

These guys are about as cute as they come. And you know mamma had a heck of a time at feedings, as many of them as there are.

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Great Dane Puppies

Take Proper Care Of Your Marmaduke (Great Dane) Puppy And You’ll Have A Loyal Gentle-Giant

A Great Dane’s personality is a big as his body, while he may seem like a tough guard dog, if he left in yard he will feel left out of the family.

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Playing with Your Puppy

Playtime with Your New Puppy

Since puppies are always on the lookout for something fun to play with, playing with dog toys is a great way to help you bond with your puppy, or to distract them while you take a little break.

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