Service Dog Helps Soldier With PTSD

Erick and his dog Gumbo

Erick Scott knows first-hand what it’s like to suffer from PTSD. After 16 years in the service, he had seen a lot, and would wake up nights swinging his fists, sometimes even hitting his sleeping wife (not on purpose, of course).

He tried medications, but didn’t like them. Eventually, he was paired with a special service dog to help him combat his anxiety. Watch how his dog, Gumbo, reacts when he becomes agitated.

Erick was paired up with Gumbo through the organization K9s for Warriors, On their site is a piece called “A Letter From A Service Dog”. In part:

As a shelter refugee my early life was not ideal, in fact it was downright sad. That is until I was rescued and began my training to become a service dog. My days became filled with daily training sessions with my trainers and play time with the volunteers who visit throughout the day. I became part of the K9s For Warriors elite service dog program.

As a service dog in training I worked daily with my trainer. I was taught simple commands, sit, heal, stay, down and also more challenging commands, cover, block, retrieve and brace. You see I was training to serve a special warrior, someone who needs me as much as I need them.

It’s so nice to know that 95% of the dogs they are training are shelter dogs, helping not only the soldiers who need them, but giving the dogs a second chance at life, a chance to be a useful, loved companion.

Erick and his dog Gumbo

Good boy, Gumbo!

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    • Rita
    • February 6, 2018

    About 4 years ago I adopted a dog from our university, he was going to be put down. Walter is a cocker Spaniel now 11 years old. I can’t understand how people can mistreat an animal. If I could I would have lots of dogs all rescue dogs. The place I live in only allows 2 dogs per household. On Valentines day I have to take Walter to the vet for dental work. I am not very happy about this as I had another dog Chester and he needed some work done on his teeth. When I took him in for his teeth they found out that he had cancer and so that he didn’t suffer any more I had him put down. Dam that hurts and still does after 6 years. Now Walter is going in and I am afraid that he won’t be coming home with me. I pray that he will be safe and come home.

    • B. Tydd
    • February 27, 2018

    You all are amazing!!…gotta admit, those pups may be a bit more amazing though…sorry! Love all you’ve done for us other humans & animals??PEACE!!!

    • B. Tydd
    • February 27, 2018

    My best friend is in NAVY RESERVES & she could use a pal like the pups for consoling, conversing & just comfort, as could all military people…

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