Puppy On A Leash

Training Your New Puppy For Good Behavior

One of the most important elements of being a dog owner is to teach your puppy how to behave. It’s easier, more pleasant, and safer for both you and your dog to have a well-trained dog.

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Girl with New Puppy

Protecting Your Puppy from Danger In And Around The Home

Are you bringing home a new puppy? You’ll want to prevent your pup from gaining access to any unsafe area the same way you wouldn’t let your own child do so. So what can you do to protect them?

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Smart Dog at Computer

Help Wanted

A local business was looking for office help. They put a sign in the window saying: “HELP WANTED. A short time afterwards, a dog trotted up to the window, saw the sign and went inside.

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Red Boxes in Puppy Mill

Another Reason to Adopt, Don’t Shop!

Do you know what the red box on the front of each cage in this puppy mill is for? And what it means for these dogs?

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Andy the Greyhound

Andy’s Story – Rescued from the China Meat Market

Born in China and sent to the butcher’s shop to be killed and eaten, Andy is given a second chance at life.

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An Older Dog

Loving And Caring For An Older Dog

How can you help your precious friend with aging? Here are some of the issues you may face, and what you can do about them.

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Black Lab

A New Home For “Reggie”

They told me the big black Lab’s name was Reggie, as I looked at him lying in his pen. The shelter was clean, no-kill, and the people really friendly.

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Puppies Eating

Feeding Your Dog: How, What, When, Where, & What Not To Feed Them

There are certain foods that dogs can and can’t eat. Plus, there are ways to feed them that you should know about.

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Dog Ignoring Training Commands

10 Reasons Your Dog Ignores Your Training Commands

Is your dog giving you deaf ears? Don’t get frustrated, instead take a step back and consider the following scenarios which are some of the most common issues encountered when training dogs.

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CBD Oil for Dogs

Can CBD Oil Benefit Your Dog’s Health?

The amazing thing about CBD oil is that it’s being said to be great for dogs, too. Check out the health benefits to be gained by giving your dogs a taste of this “miracle remedy”.

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Loyal and Devoted -The Adorable Dachshund

The name dachshund is of German origin and literally means “badger dog”. Because of their long bodies, Dachshunds are often called wiener dogs or sausage dogs. 

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Police Rescue Husky Dog

Police Rescue, Fall in Love, and Adopt Husky Tied to Fence

Two police officers in Lawrence, Indiana responded to a call about a dog that seemed to be caught in a fence. Upon checking, they determined that the dog had been tied up and abandoned.

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Affenpinscher – aka The Monkey Dog

The Affenpinscher is a terrier-like toy pinscher with a lot of energy and curiosity. They are playful, fun-loving, and adventurous, and stubborn.

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Irish Wolfhound Dog

Irish Wolfhound

Despite his huge size, the Irish Wolfhound has a sweet, calm nature, is sensitive and patient and very easy going.

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A Beautiful Chocolate Lab

The Ever-Popular Labrador Retriever

The sweet and gentle Labrador Retriever, commonly called the “lab”, is considered to be the most popular breed of dog in the United States.

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